He was last in his class at the Earth Corps Fleet Academy. Lieutenant Brian Huffman was seen by most of his Captains and peers as a joke, but through quick thinking he brought a rebellion to a violent end. Years later, though still not seen fit to be an officer by some, he was picked to solve a double murder. Or was he picked to be the next target?

     Follow along as Brian and his friends fight their way to the stars to save mankind. Rushing from the frozen reaches of Neptune to the terror-filled tunnels of Mars stopping a second rebellion.  With helped from two Artificial Intelligences, one who thinks she's Irene Adler and her brother, who wanted to be Hal-9000. All under the watchful eye of the ship's cat with his own ideas of justice.

                 Soon to be out as an audiobook.


Five Star reviews.

“I'm really liking your storyline.......it's got it all. The wronged, but highly skilled lead character......the military component......the space terminology and gadgets......the cat is a great touch......there is rebellion, intrigue, conspiracy, murder, betrayal, and all sorts of mayhem........set in outer space. You go into enough detail that I can easily visualize the ship and all of its components.”

                                   G W Andrews.

Author of “God Bless Chesty”, “Taking Back the Street”, “The Old Man on the Bench”, “The Day the Glass Shattered”, “The Widows of Dry Creek” and “The Death Coach”.  Which are also available on Kindle.


From Mary, 

   This was a good read.  I don't know why, but on my kindle, a lot of the words ran together.  I don't think it was the author's fault.. maybe the word processing or something, as I have had that happen at the end of sentences in a program I used.  Anyway, that didn't stop me from enjoying this book, in fact it was easy to overlook since I was so into the story.

     It was fast paced and infused with humor which is what it takes to make me a happy reader.  I hope to see more from this author.. in particular, perhaps, a series with these characters.


                                 More five star reviews

A fun easy read that surprises and delights - Set in a future that is both interesting and recognizable, our reluctant protagonist "discovers" that he has been assigned to solve two murders. The murders are solved in due course and the plot opens to eventually encompass the fate of all humanity - Simultaneously the identity of our protagonist is revealed. A good detective story, and a good adventure story set in a future that is not distracting or annoying. While I bought the paperback version for personal reasons, Last In His Class is available in ebook/Kindle Format.

            By Michael G. Shively on September 7, 2016