Reviews for Last in his class.

From John Berg.

Actually I am between "I like it" and "I love it". I loved it so much that I've read it four times and I liked it enough to buy another copy. For a first time writer, I think Mr. Talbot has done a very creditable job of writing a very good book. I did have a little problem at one point in the book where one of the characters takes on a first person voice, and I've been assured since then that this was intentional. Well we shall see, as I've learned that there may be a second book in the near future. I certainly hope so, as I can only read this one so many times, and I am approaching my limit. Good job Mr. Talbot. Please give us more...

From Michael G. Shively

A fun easy read that surprises and delights - Set in a future that is both interesting and recognizable, our reluctant protagonist "discovers" that he has been assigned to solve two murders. The murders are solved in due course and the plot opens to eventually encompass the fate of all humanity - Simultaneously the identity of our protagonist is revealed. A good detective story, and a good adventure story set in a future that is not distracting or annoying. While I bought the paperback version for personal reasons, Last In His Class is available in ebook/Kindle Format.

Amazon Customer 

I bought this book on Audible and listened to the whole thing this passed weekend. Mystery/Scifi written with a wonderfully wry sense of humor. I loved it! No great human depths plumbed here, but enough twists and turns to make me dream about the book at night, wondering how it was going to turn out. The best part for me was the fact that there was NO LOVE SCENES!!!! FINALLY! A clean book! Yes! I cannot wait for his next book to come out. My greatest disappointment was coming to Amazon and finding that Mr. Talbot hasn't written a sequel yet. Please . . . hurry . . . Please?

From Ira White

Last in His class is first in its class. An entertaining scifi detective novel written in a classic detective novel style with an interior dialogue that would have made Sargent Friday of the old TV series, Dragnet, smile. The story is action packed with lots of twists and turns. The intersecting sub plots are humorous and add interest to the main plot. Caution: Reader may be subject to humor as dry as the Sahara with a lemon twist. Last in His Class is an enjoyable read that clearly shows that one who is last sometimes comes out first.